VAMPENT vBagX 1.25 & vNes Symbian 1.70 untuk Symbian60v3

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VAMPENT vBagX 1.25 & vNes Symbian 1.70 untuk Symbian60v3

Post by parman_donk on Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:45 am

VAMPENT telah merilis emulator teranyar mereka untuk ponsel nokia seri Symbian60v3:

We are pleased to release vBagX 1.25 S60v3 (Symbian Signed) for Nokia S60 3rd phones.

Updates from vBagX 1.20 S60v3
1. fix some emulation bugs (some unaligned ldm/jump, thumb blh jump)
2. fix some compatibility problem. provide an option for user selection speed/compatibility. mode 3 is very slow and is not recommended.
3. Sound is more smooth when speed is enough. Make sure speed option is normal (not fast) to let sound smooth
4. media key support (on s60v3, app can only capture volume up/down now)
5. simple cheat file support. for ABC.gba, write a cheat file named ABC.gba.cht. Its content format is as follows:
that means it lockes [0x2002A46] to byte 0x0A, locks [0x3006FA2] to halfword 0x6C, locks [0x2004250] to word 0x63

vBagX 1.20 S60v3 updates from vBagX 1.12 S60v3:
1. Big speed boost
2. Better sound
3. Some options added:
TCache: 3M(default). If your phone's free RAM memory is big enough, such as N81, N95(8GB),N82, you can try to set it as 5M.
4. Fiexed some phone's direct mode problem, such as N81.
5. Symbian Signed

We are very glad to release vNes Symbian 1.70 S60v3 (Symbian Signed) for Nokia S60 3rd phones.

Updated information from vNes Symbian 1.61 S60v3:
1. Symbian Signed.
2. Better speed.
3. More options:
Four display modes added: Landscape 1,Landscape Full 1,Landscape 2,Landscape full 2. Some other graph options and priority options added.
4. .nes files can be recognized automatically
You can send small roms directly to sms inbox and vNes will install them automatically for you.
5. New frameskip option
on arm-11 mobiles, you can switch frameskip:0 to get maximal graphics effects

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