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Dolphin Wii WIP

Post by parman_donk on Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:35 pm

Dolphin, emu yg dulunya dikembangkan untuk platform GameCube, akhirnya menjadi opensource dan dalam rilis SVN kali ini telah mendukung Nintendo Wii!!! walaupun hanya intro beberapa game saja Laughing

ANNOUNCE: Dolphin Now Open Source
We hereby release the source code of Dolphin and most of its plugins under the GPL 2.0.

You can check out the code using Subversion (we recommend TortoiseSVN), from our new repository at Google Code. .
A few new features are included:

* New OpenGL graphics plugin by zerofrog
* Basic patch/cheat system (no search yet), support for decrypted Action Replay codes
* Much faster JIT in 32-bit, slightly faster in 64-bit
* Basic Wii support (plays a couple of intro movies, starts zelda, no working wiimote)
* Some more I forgot about right now, see them as bonuses..

With the new gfx plugin, the code mostly builds and even runs a bit on Linux, but games don't work yet. There's now a cross platform wxWidgets GUI.

We'll release some new official builds soon, too.

Compatibility has not increased since the last release, but speed has in many cases.

Dolphin is currently not in a super polished state, but we hope that the community can help fix that, and maybe in the long run also add more features and compatibility. If anyone has a new feature or fix and wants SVN write access, just contact us and we'll add you to the project. Or you could just fork the whole thing, but that would probably be annoying

Have fun,

/ ector & F|RES

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