Glide64 'Napalm' 1.0 released

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Glide64 'Napalm' 1.0 released

Post by de3p on Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:35 am

The Glide64 Team proudly presents you the new release of our project – ‘Napalm’!
The project now consists of three parts. The main part – Glide64 graphics plugin – was changed a lot since the previous public release. It’s simply impossible to list all modifications. New version has tons of bugfixes and optimizations. Large number of special effects implemented. Lots of hacks removed, because they are not necessary anymore. Lots of previously unplayable games are playable now. Lots of games, which worked good before now work even better. Screen shots of most noticeable improvements were posted on our forum. Check also the updated screen shots gallery.
The second part – Glitch64 glide wrapper – was also changed much. Beside various fixes and optimizations it now supports anisotropic filtering and compressed textures.
The third part – GlideHQ – is a new module, which implements various texture enhancement techniques. It supports 6 texture filters, 7 methods of texture enhancement, 2 methods of texture compression. Beside that it fully supports Rice’s format of Hi-Resolution texture packs, with various optional techniques to save texture memory.
Project related documentation was improved too. We put all useful docs in one file ‘Glide64 Info.chm’. Please read ‘Readme’ part of it, at least first two chapters, with general information and setup instructions.
Due to huge number of changes, new bugs might be introduced too. Despite the intensive beta testing during all period of development, some issues had been found and fixed right before the release. Thus, if you will find an issue, which is not mentioned in the ‘Known Issues’ part of the documentation, please report about it on our forum.

I gave this version codename ‘Napalm’. ‘Napalm’ is also the codename for VSA-100 graphic chip, on which 3dfx Voodoo 4 and Voodoo 5 series were built. I still use Voodoo 5 in my home PC. This version of the plugin uses a lot of VSA-100 special abilities; therefore it was also named ‘Napalm’. BTW, there are few effects, which you can see only on VSA-100 based cards, or on N64 itself. Check ‘Games Tips and Tricks’ part of the documentation for details.

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